Mold Remediation


What is Mold?

Webster defines mold as a wooly growth found on damp or decaying organic matter.  Molds reproduce by means of spores and are helpful in breaking down organic materials.

Mold becomes a problem when there are high levels in our homes with continual exposure to humans and pets. Mold needs two essential things to grow; moisture and a food source.  Food sources in our homes would include drywall or carpeting.

It is common for mold to go undetected by the human eye and sense of smell.  If white thread-like growths, clusters of small black specks or a musty odor is detected, immediately call a certified mold professional.

Health Risks

There are many ways which mold can have ill health effects on humans and pets:  Mold exposure can cause rashes and skin irritations, nosebleeds, swelling and excess mucus in the respiratory system and even impact the nervous system causing mood swings, tremors and memory loss.

Mold Remediation

Remediation simply means to remedy. Mold remediation is a process to efficiently and effectively remove mold with specialized equipment and cleaners in a safe and professional manner.  When the mold is remediated, the "remedy" or fix for the problem has been reached.


Bleach is not an EPA approved cleaning agent for mold removal and has more ill effects by its caustic nature to make it a poor choice for remediation.  It can affect eyes, skin and the respiratory system. It’s highly reactive and can discolor, damage and corrode many materials including metals, fabrics and glass.  Mold is an airborne contaminate. Attempts to clean by non-professionals will most likely stir up spores which can spread the contamination to unaffected areas.  Mold removal should be conducted by a professional mold remediation contractor.  It should be noted, however, that mold is something to be respected not feared.  With proper remediation, mold can be removed in a safe and effective manner.  The emphasis is on proper remediation.  

Call Maher Environmental and their experienced staff to remedy your mold problem.


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